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Four indicators for purchasing air purifier for pollen

The CADR value, as the core indicator for measuring air purifier for pollen, refers to the volume of clean air produced in one hour, and mainly measures the purification efficiency of air purifier for pollen. That is to say, the higher the CADR value, the faster the purification efficiency and the larger the applicable area.

The air purifier manufacturer tells you: air purifiers, are you really using it right?

Air purifiers can detect and treat indoor air and decoration formaldehyde pollution, and bring fresh air to our interior.The principle of the air purifier is very simple, that is, a filter is placed in front of the fan. The fan runs to extract air, and the air passes through the filter to retain pollutants, and then discharges high-quality air.

Important indicators for buying hospital air purifier

Hospital air purifier is divided into fiber filtration, activated carbon adsorption, catalyst, electrostatic dust removal, plasma technology, etc. according to the purification principle.

A brief introduction to carbon ir filter

carbon ir filter are mainly used in the field of security monitoring, infrared gas analyzers, night vision products, infrared detectors, infrared receivers, infrared sensors, and infrared communication products. Specific products such as: surveillance cameras, remote controls, infrared curtain wall products, infrared induction toilets, faucets, hand sanitizer devices, infrared thermometers, infrared printers, interactive whiteboards, infrared touch screens, fingerprint recognition machines, face recognition systems Wait.

What is the use of hospital air purifiers

Air purifiers are mainly used in our homes, but in some other places, air purifiers are also very important equipment used in many other places, especially in a very special place like a hospital. You must choose Special air purifiers, and hospital air purifiers are the most frequently used brand in our hospitals.

Medical grade air purifier | A good helper for medical work

Medical-grade air purifiers refer to medical-grade anti-epidemic air purifiers that can be used in medical systems. The medical air purifier uses an air filtration system to continuously purify the air in the external space through the air inlet, filter and air purification filter, and then output it back to the air to achieve the effect of keeping the space air clean.

Principle of activated carbon filter

During use, the resistance of the activated carbon filter remains unchanged, but the weight will increase. Experienced professional staff can estimate the service life of the filter based on the weight change. The upstream and downstream of the activated carbon filter should have a good dust filter, and its efficiency specification should not be lower than F7. The upstream filter prevents dust from clogging the activated carbon material; the downstream filter blocks the dust generated by the activated carbon itself.

Several types and introduction of car air purifiers

Car air purifiers, also called car air purifiers, car air purifiers, refer to the PM2.5, toxic and harmful gases (formaldehyde, benzene series, TVOC, etc.), peculiar smell, bacteria and viruses in the air in the car. Wait for polluted air purification equipment in the car.
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