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What is Hospital air purifier with UVC?

Hospital air purifier with UVC refers to a medical and anti-epidemic air purifier that can be used in a medical system. Hospital air purifier with UVC uses an air filtration system to continuously pass the air in the external space through the air inlet and filter net and air purification filter after purification.

What is Humidification filter?

Humidification filter is an air purifier with humidification function. That is, in the function of purifying the air, a humidifying device is also added to achieve the effect of "purification + humidification".

What is good price and quality Photocatalyst filter?

Photocatalyst filter uses related nanotechnology to attach TiO2 to non-woven fabrics or other substrates, and decompose harmful gases and substances into CO2 and H2O under a specific wavelength of ultraviolet radiation, which is used to remove odors and low-density gas phase pollutants.

How does the customized Photocatalyst filter remove formaldehyde?

Photocatalyst filter is made by doping nano-level powder with a variety of nano-level light-sensitive semiconductor media to ensure sufficient air permeability and contact, and then mixed with a carrier to effectively remove carbon monoxide in the air.

How do quality air purifiers for house work?

The core second part of current quality air purifiers generally includes the following types: physical filtration, electrostatic adsorption, and hybrid types.

The air purifier manufacturer tells you: air purifiers, are you really using it right?

Air purifiers can detect and treat indoor air and decoration formaldehyde pollution, and bring fresh air to our interior.The principle of the air purifier is very simple, that is, a filter is placed in front of the fan. The fan runs to extract air, and the air passes through the filter to retain pollutants, and then discharges high-quality air.

Some tips on purchasing car air purifier

There are various air purifiers, car air purifiers, to solve the indoor air quality. So, what is the effect of car air purifier? What should you start with when buying?

Important indicators for buying hospital air purifier

Hospital air purifier is divided into fiber filtration, activated carbon adsorption, catalyst, electrostatic dust removal, plasma technology, etc. according to the purification principle.
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