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Four indicators for purchasing air purifier for pollen

The CADR value, as the core indicator for measuring air purifier for pollen, refers to the volume of clean air produced in one hour, and mainly measures the purification efficiency of air purifier for pollen. That is to say, the higher the CADR value, the faster the purification efficiency and the larger the applicable area.

Application of air purifier for pollen

The air purifier for pollen effectively filters the floating hair, dust, pollen and other particles in the air through the front, static, deodorizing and dust collection quadruple filter. The four-layer filter and the five-fold filtration technology achieve layered purification to avoid allergies.

How effective is air purifier for pollen

At the beginning of spring, after the temperature rises, after the spring is red and willow green, pollen and flying catkins are replaced. In this pollen season, we might as well use air purifier for pollen to fight pollen.

Air purifier for large spaces 7 major misunderstandings

I believe that after many consumers have purchased air purifier for large spaces, most users will place it against the wall. What you don't know is that in order to achieve the ideal whole house purification effect, the air purifier for large spaces should be placed away from the wall or furniture, preferably in the center of the house or at least 1.5 to 2 meters away from the wall.

Can air purifier for viruses really remove viruses

In the special period when respiratory safety is concerned, we are paying more and more attention to air purifiers, especially the air purifier for viruses that can remove viruses. What kind of air purifier for viruses is really effective for virus removal?

There is no need to buy air purifier for dust removal

It should be clear whether the purchase of an air purifier is mainly used for dust removal, sterilization or other. How much area is used for, and what price is probably. If the room is large, an air purifier with a large amount of air purification per unit time should be selected.

Is there an air purifier for pets suitable for households with pets

In fact, there is no so-called air purifier for pets. However, there are air purifiers suitable for capturing air pollutants brought by pets. The air pollution caused by pets mainly includes hair, dander, ticks, bacteria, and odor.

Detailed introduction of air purifier for smoke

In our family, because of air pollution, many consumers will buy air purifiers to use, but if there are some smoking or other reasons in the family causing smoke, household air purifier for smoke is needed, so Today, the editor will introduce some of our home air purifier for smoke for everyone to understand.
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