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Pm2.5 air dust cleaner ozone plasma ionizer purifier OEM for bedroom air purifier for smoke to filter allergens


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Pm2.5 air dust cleaner ozone plasma ionizer purifier OEM for bedroom air purifier for smoke to filter allergens

portable OEM/ODM air purifier smart house office use air purifier, Ideal sterilizing OEM/ODM air purifier care reliable breathing every day!Low sound care your sleep time!
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Portable OEM Smart House Office Use Air Purifier OEM/ODM air purifier

Ideal sterilizing OEM/ODM air purifier care reliable breathing every day!Low sound care your sleep time!Elegant and fashion design 360 degree air cleaning,efficient filtration are care in the multi-use facility give you a good living environment.

Product Details

Product name portable OEM smart house office use air purifier covid
Model No. XT-A07 Negative ion releasing(cm3) 5 million
Rated voltage 100-240V,50Hz/60Hz Product size(mm) φ270*532
Power(W) 50 Filter size(mm) φ195.5*φ115*278.4
CADR(m3/h) 370 Material HIPS
Sterilization 280+410nm ultraviolet light Applicable area 20-45
Noise(dB) ≤58 Control operation Panel buttons,(optional)remote control+TUYA app
Staphylococcus albus removal rate 99.97% Net weight(kg) 4.7
Filter Primary+HEPA+active carbon cold catalyst composition filter

OEM/ODM air purifier Fuctions & Feature

1.Remove odors,e.g. tobacco smoke,beverage smell,pet smell etc.

2.Remove formaldehyde,benzene and TVOC.

3.Eliminate dust,pollen,allergy,mold and 360 degree kill bacterial,virus,germs.

4.Clear static,increase brain oxygen,refresh body and help you breathe and sleep better,improve human immunity.

5.Auto air quality control with dust sensor and indicator.

6.Three-grade fan speed control.

7.6 stages purifying

8.Low sleep noise really doesn't disturbe your sleep.

9.Usage scence:house,office,living room,bedroom,hotel,hospital,nursing home,school,bank etc.

Our air purifier fights viral commission thanks to its combined action of active carbon,Hepa 12 medical,cold catalyst,negative ion,UV light and ozone technology:

•Filtration of coarse particles:A pre-filter retains dust,hair and pollen.

•Inactivates ordor and VOCs thanks to the action of carbon filter,which destroys smoke,formaldehydes,ammonia,benzene and other harmful gases.

•High effective particle filtration:HEPA 12 medis acts as a barrier against the fine particles.

•Destruction of microorganisms thanks to its cold catalyst technology.

•360 degree killing the viral,bacterial,germs thanks to its ozone technology.

•Low sound level:58 dB

Company Information

Foshan Shunde Xiangtai Scavenging Material Industrial Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Xiangtai Scavenging) is committed to improving the quality of human respiration.Xiangtai scavenging is a diversified innovative company integrating r&d, production, sales and service. It has nearly 30 independent r&d and innovation patents including invention patents.In line with the service concept of customer first, in order to protect the interests of customers and improve product quality, the company established a quality management system in accordance with the ISO9001 standard.Promote the scientific and sustainable development of enterprises and realize the stable improvement of product quality.In order to realize lean production management, the company manages and controls the entire ERP system from incoming material to finished products output to achieve data transparency and fine management.

Xiangtai scavenging undertakes the custom development of domestic and foreign air purifiers, OEM/ODM air purifier and customized production of air filter.The company has established national standard laboratories of different specifications, with a variety of experimental equipment.The core r&d team of the company has established a technical database after years of technical precipitation.It lays a solid foundation for the research and development of new products.

In recent years, the company has established a research and development team.On the basis of air purification, it extends to the field of air disinfection.We have developed air disinfecting machines for different use scenarios of household and car.The company has the "Sanitation License of Disinfection Product Manufacturer" issued by the Provincial Health Commission,comply with production license standards.

Xiangtai scavenging welcomes customers to call for cooperation,for the joint air purification industry and struggle.

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Why choose us


Established in 2014, accumulated approximate 7 year rich experience in air purification and air filter for purifier  field, sales volume doubles every year , we are striving to  become the leader  in air purifiers and air filter for purifier !


Quality and sincere before&after-sale service is our culture. 


Company is ISO9001 certified, products are CB,CE,RoHS,CQC certified.


Locating in Foshan China is convenient for customers’ visiting& exporting worldwide.


Q1: Can I get a sample?

A: Yes, you can buy a sample from us.

Q2: Which express do you use?

A: DHL, Fedex, UPS, TNT etc. according to customers’ need.

Q3: How long is the guarantee ?

A: One year guarantee for all our models.

Q4: What are the payment term?

A: TT is our default payment term.

Q5: Any MOQ requirement?

A:500pcs for OEM, if neutral package, MOQ is 300pcs.

Q6: What is your main product?

A: Air purifier, air filter for purifier.

Q7: How long is your lead time for mass production?

A: Usually it’s 30 calendar days, but it depends on PO. quantity.

Q8: What is your main market?

A: We export worldwide, currently main market is Asia, North America and Europe.

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