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HEPA composition filter

Selection principle of high-quality HEPA composition filter

How to choose a better high-quality HEPA component filter is very important for users. After all, the filtering effect of a high-quality HEPA component filter directly determines the cleanliness level of the clean room.

The HEPA composition filter factory will take you to know whether the HEPA filter can be cleaned

The HEPA composition filter factory believes that hepa is a common air filter with a wide range of popularity. As a consumable item, it needs to be replaced after six months of use, so some people have questions, can the hepa filter be washed with water? ? After all, it can be used for a period of time after cleaning, saving the cost of use. The HEPA ingredient filter factory is here to tell you that the hepa filter cannot be washed with water.

What are the advantages of HEPA composition filter

HEPA composition filter control the spread of airborne particles and microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria. Many professional engineering organizations recommend installing HEPA filters in hospitals, infection control clinics, and other healthcare settings to eliminate microorganisms and other dangerous particles.

How to Extend the Life of HEPA Composition Filters

If you only look at the filter material of the HEPA composition filter, then regardless of whether the filter material used in the HEPA composition filter is glass fiber, PP fiber, PP&PET composite fiber, melt-blown polyester non-woven fabric or melt-blown long fiber, its rated service life is all for 8-12 months.

What is a HEPA composition filter

What is a HEPA composition filter? When buying an air filter, you can often see the term HEPA filter, and when you ask what a HEPA filter is, usually only people in the industry can say it. What is a HEPA composition filter? Take you in-depth understanding of HEPA filter!
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