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New cylinder filter

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Product description


Product name New cylinder filter
Frame selection Black card frame,color card waterproof frame, PVC waterproof frame, aluminum alloy frame, hard cotton edge strip
Mesh layer configuration Optional HEPA + upper and lower end caps + A sealant + sealing strip + handle
Standard sizes Customize any specifications according to customer requirements

Our company's commonly used high capacity dust HEPA grade selection comparison table

• F7 resistance 7PA 0.3UM efficiency: 80.81%

• F8 resistance 30PA 0.3UM efficiency: 98.68%

• F8 resistance 10PA 0.3UM efficiency: 92%

• H10 resistance 15PA 0.3UM efficiency: 98%

• H11 resistance 25PA 0.3UM efficiency: 99.83%

• H13  resistance 40PA  0.3UM efficiency: 99.98%

•Imported H14 resistance 32PA  0.3UM efficiency: 99.99%

•Imported double-effect carbon cloth with resistance 15PA 0.3UM efficiency: 95% formaldehyde removal rate within 1 hour 99%

Product Features

HEPA is interleaved by very small organic fibers, with the stronger particles capture ability, small pore size, high adsorption capacity, high purification efficiency, and water absorption,against 0.3 micron purification rate 99.97%. In other words per 10000 particles, only three particles can penetrate the HEPA filter membrane. The effect of HEPA filtering particulate matter is very obvious. If you filter the cigarette with it, the filter effect can be almost 100%,because the particles in cigarettes are between 0.5-2 microns in size and cannot pass through the HEPA filter membrane, not by HEPA filtration membrane . The average service life can be up to 6-9 months, and the actual service life will be different depending on the local time and environment. The filtration efficiency of HEPA high efficiency particulate filter is proportional to its surface area. The HEPA high-efficiency particle filter of air purifier is folded in multiple layers, and the expanded area increases by about 14.5 times compared with the folded area, so the filtration efficiency is very outstanding.

Application Scope

• Household and commercial air purifiers, fresh air ventilators, air conditioners, European style range hoods, air cleaners,  heater filters

• Microwave oven filter, dehumidifier filter, vacuum cleaner filter


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