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How to Extend the Life of HEPA Composition Filters

If you only look at the filter material of the HEPA composition filter, then regardless of whether the filter material used in the HEPA composition filter is glass fiber, PP fiber, PP&PET composite fiber, melt-blown polyester non-woven fabric or melt-blown long fiber, its rated service life is all for 8-12 months.

Selection principle of high-quality HEPA composition filter

How to choose a better high-quality HEPA component filter is very important for users. After all, the filtering effect of a high-quality HEPA component filter directly determines the cleanliness level of the clean room.

How to install Double-effect filter with carbon cloth correctly

The effect filter with carbon cloth is widely used in electroplating, coating, PCB, chemical industry, metallurgy, dyes and other fields. So how to correctly install and use Double-effect filter with carbon cloth?

The air purifier OEM company tells you how to choose an air purifier

The above are the three points that the air purifier OEM company needs to pay attention to when choosing an air purifier. I hope everyone can buy a satisfactory air purifier in the future!

The air purifier OEM company teaches you tips on air purifier care

The above is the air purifier OEM company's summary of the air purifier care tips, I hope it will be helpful to you.

OEM Ozone sterilizing air purifier company shares whether the air purifier can remove odor

Deodorant air purifiers can adsorb, decompose or convert various air pollutants and effectively improve air cleanliness. They are mainly divided into household, commercial, industrial, and building. Can an air purifier remove odors? OEM Ozone sterilizing air purifier company takes you to understand.

Do you know about photocatalyst filter products

Introduction of photocatalyst filter:Photocatalyst is a compound word of light + catalyst. Photocatalyst is a general term for photo-semiconductor materials with photocatalytic function represented by nano-scale titanium dioxide. It is the most ideal material for indoor environmental pollution control in the world.

Why choose a conventional photocatalyst filter manufacturer

1. Diverse choices.Big brand photocatalyst filter manufacturers can provide more choices, while many small manufacturers usually only have a few types and styles. Now people prefer multiple choices when it comes to choosing, so we'd better choose manufacturers from big brands.
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