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OEM Ozone sterilizing air purifier factory air purifier classification

According to the purification needs, the OEM Ozone sterilizing air purifier factory air purifier can be divided into:(1) OEM Ozone sterilizing air purifier factory purification type.(2) Humidification and purification type. If it is located in a drier area, the air conditioner is often turned on and the air conditioner is dehumidified and the indoor air is dry, or the air quality requirements are high, then purchasing an air purifier with humidification and purification function will be the most suitable choice. 

How should photocatalyst filter manufacturers choose

First of all, use the "three good" to weigh whether the photocatalyst filter value is not worth choosing. There are many good photocatalyst filters in the industry. Many people evaluate whether photocatalyst filters are worth choosing from the aspect of quality. We must pay attention not only to the quality of the filter. Manufacturers may not care about any follow-up services, and there will be many such situations.

See how photocatalyst filter manufacturers improve customer satisfaction

As a photocatalyst filter manufacturer, good quality is the only requirement for customer satisfaction. However, with the changing times and changing requirements, the quality can only tell a small point. Customer satisfaction is the foundation of the survival and development of photocatalyst filter manufacturers.

Why choose a conventional photocatalyst filter manufacturer

1. Diverse choices.Big brand photocatalyst filter manufacturers can provide more choices, while many small manufacturers usually only have a few types and styles. Now people prefer multiple choices when it comes to choosing, so we'd better choose manufacturers from big brands.

Do you know about photocatalyst filter products

Introduction of photocatalyst filter:Photocatalyst is a compound word of light + catalyst. Photocatalyst is a general term for photo-semiconductor materials with photocatalytic function represented by nano-scale titanium dioxide. It is the most ideal material for indoor environmental pollution control in the world.

What are the application scope of photocatalyst filter

Under the irradiation of light, the photocatalyst filter can oxidize and decompose various organic compounds and some inorganic substances, which can destroy the cell membrane of bacteria and solidify the protein of the virus. The photocatalyst filter can kill bacteria and decompose organic pollutants, and has strong sterilization. , Deodorant, anti-mildew, anti-fouling self-cleaning, air purification functions.

Selection principle of high-quality HEPA composition filter

How to choose a better high-quality HEPA component filter is very important for users. After all, the filtering effect of a high-quality HEPA component filter directly determines the cleanliness level of the clean room.

The HEPA composition filter factory will take you to know whether the HEPA filter can be cleaned

The HEPA composition filter factory believes that hepa is a common air filter with a wide range of popularity. As a consumable item, it needs to be replaced after six months of use, so some people have questions, can the hepa filter be washed with water? ? After all, it can be used for a period of time after cleaning, saving the cost of use. The HEPA ingredient filter factory is here to tell you that the hepa filter cannot be washed with water.
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